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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Anal Sex

Well thank goodness for my clients I say, because without them I wouldn't know the joy of being bent over a couch and sodomised.
Today I had delightful fellow tell me that the ad I made for him was "the worst ad I've ever seen".
Which is quite a claim as I've made quite a lot of very shit commercials in my time.
This ad was certainly no award winner but the suggestion that it was the worst ad he had ever seen is insane.
If anything, it was one of the nicer commercials I've made since I've been here.
The shoot was bad and the colour shitty but I ran it through After Effects and jazzed it up quite a bit.
He tried to tell me is was distorted.
This is the first time in my new job that I've been made to feel very very mad.
I would have very much enjoyed suggesting to the backward pinhead from the coast that what he knew about television production and the quality thereof would easily fit into the space between his ears.
But no.
I'm not allowed to do that.
"Let me drop my trousers and fetch some KY. Oh yes big boy, that's right. As hard as you like".
If you are at all interested the commercial was for a car dealership.
Fucking experts.
Typing this however is making me feel much better.
I took the hound for a walk at lunchtime and that helped a bit too.
If I'd gone in there and said, "Sorry pal, you greasy fucking salesman, your bullshit routine wouldn't sell shit to dung beetles" it'd be a different story.
Today I also picked some daisies and wrote a haiku about butterflies. Posted by Hello


Red Egg said...

Sorry to hear he didn't like your work. But you know, some people pick on the smallest things just for the sake of critisism, jealousy or perhaps even the fact that they're rather nervous about how the end result is going to turn out and whether or not the idea is going to fly, therefore find comfort in bitching and complaining and tearing up other peoples work and ideas. Know what I mean?

So you shouldn't take it too personally.

I love the drawings you post on your blogs, they've a certain freshness about them that not alot of artists can conquer. And I'm sure, given your style, your other creations are really, really good.

He's just one bad peach in a basket full of juicier ones. :)

Elliot said...

And it's comments like that Sar that mean you are welcome here anytime you like.
I didn't take it too personally.
You need a pretty thick skin to be in my game.
I was probably more annoyed that I was expected to play nice and do whatever he wanted instead of telling him to shove his dirty car yard in his arse.
Regarding my drawings - I am sure there are many, MANY other artists who could achieve similar results.
The spontenaity perhaps comes from the fact that I whip them up very quickly.
So yah, cheers.

Sirius Green said...

That's what Rolf Harris does, too, isn't it? Do you have any plans to add an Elliot-roo to your family of characters? :-)

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