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Friday, April 08, 2005

Teen Jugs

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I have a gripe to make about television.
I feel I am particularly suited to whining about television as I work in it.
I'm going to start out by telling everyone, turn off your television, don't watch it, it's evil (except for Futurama and Mythbusters).
By all means watch a DVD, but general programming - stay away.
Having said that however...
I was channel flicking between movies last night (The Black Hole and Rushmore) and I caught a promo for the show called The OC.
The promo tantalised me with the very exciting notion of "girl on girl action".
Now I've never seen more than about 4 minutes of the OC in one sitting.
From what I've seen all the woman on that show have pretty much the same build (see illustration above) which is not something that I find particularly saucy, BUT girl on girl action on prime time TV?!?! For free!!!
What more can a single male cartoonist ask for (apart from some nice hot press fabriano paper, new ink and some sort of real life girlfriend).
Did I get my girl on girl action???
No I did not.
One skinny girl took off her shirt in front of a slightly less skinny girl and that was it.
Turn off the tv people.
Go read a book or walk the dog.


Tweedledopey said...

Oh man. See, periangel and I make sure we never miss the OC. They do end up kissing, but it's not that tittilating. And yes, I can imagine they do look slightly similar to your drawing. I do find the blond more attractive as she does not look like breathing to hard towards her would snap her like a stick in the wind.

abuliac said...

There is something addictive about mindless entertainment. The fact that when the T.V. turns off I MUST open a book makes me want to keep watching. :)

Also, I'm not sure why, but the drawing looks very pixelated to me -- maybe because of the resizing.

Back to the books.

Elliot said...

Howdy folks.
Blogger and my Hello image posting thingy seem to have tidied themselves up a bit.

Tweedle - It's the first episode of The OC I've ever really watched.
I don't really intend to be getting back there often but I'm pleased you are watching it.
Despite my lack of interest in the product, there are a great many good hard working people in the television production industry and your continued support will keep them in bread and jam.

Periangel - Pic is pixelated for that very reason.
The fact that Hello and Blogger have tidied themselves up should mean I won't have any more problems (until next time....)

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