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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stick and Ink

As a creative person one of the problems I face is that as I have a job that requires me to be creative for other people, I often find I use all my art energy for others.
As I've mentioned before on this blog, in the 6 weeks I spent unemployed earlier in the year I managed to get a whole stack of great work done.
I've been re-employed for about a month now and my output of what I consider "real work" that is, work I've created for myself, has pretty much dried up.
I was a bit fretful about this for a while then I remembered my university days.
I had a terrific lecturer called Steve who would always tell anyone stuck with ideas to go grab a bottle of ink and some sticks and see what you could come up with.
Well I did that last night, and while the image has not yet been resolved, I'm very happy with it so far.
It may take several more revisions until it's right (I don't tend to do rough drawings - just empty the image out of my pen onto the page).
The image I've included with todays post has nothing to do with the rather nice stick and ink drawing I did last night.Posted by Hello


you said...

Nice pictures :)!

Maybe you'll grow sick of it some day, and what do you know, maybe you can't have any other job because you have just been a artist all your life.. Maybe you should try something else? (Why listen to me? -- You /probably/ know yourself much better than I do.)

Elliot said...

I have always tried to balance my personal and professional work.
I do hope to one day delve into a field where it's more about me than about everyone elses work, but I do understand utterly what you're saying and am always happy to hear your thoughts.
Hope to hear from you again soon.

abuliac said...

I think everyone has multiple skills and if one no longer interests or satisifies their goals, they can tap into a different part of themselves they might have not even known about.

I like the contrast of white on black... it creates almost a solarized (if that's the right word) effect. It also reminds me of the song "99 Red Balloons."

Tweedledopey said...

Indeed, I am rather a fan of your more... morose(?) artwork.

Elliot said...

Dear me. I'm actually quite a jolly person at heart but I do accept that a lot of my personal work is a bit grim.
I did a series of illustrations based on Alice in Wonderland many years ago.
I set it all in a hospital.
The Cheshire Cat was this vast obese slug of thing with stitches all down it's front.
The Caterpillar was a vicitim of lung cancer (and based on some footage I saw of Dennis Potter giving his last interview).
That was all pretty dark.
I'll photograph it sometime and pop it up.

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