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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Look into my eyes...

I think it takes quite an effort - both creative and mental - to caricature yourself.
You have to be prepared to discard all vanity and plunge in.
I think the ability and willingness to draw yourself leads to a certain amount of self awareness.
I know for example that while I am hardly a good looking fellow - I'm not an ugly pig either.
I tend to describe my look as "inoffensive and non distracting".
That doesn't mean to say I don't have some high points - I look bloody good in a suit thank you very much.
I've not been caricatured by many others - a fellow called Simon who lived with me for 9 or so months was a wonderful illustrator and he drew me often, and a dear friend called Renee S did one of me and her dancing and it's one of my favorite pictures ever - I'll post it sometime and you'll all see.Posted by Hello


Angi said...

its not so much on the looks someone is born with everything else matters. from personality to a sense of style. if the man cant dress leave him alone! but you cannot for get his posture, the way he caries himself is indeed important

Elliot said...

I think I manage to dress myself well enough, and my posture is pretty good.
Anyone involved in animation is pretty aware of movement and appearance.
But thanks for the encouragement!

Mel said...

I like the drawing. It brings out your eyes (:))
What's a 'good looking fellow' anyways? We all have different ideas on what is good looking - a smile that reaches the eyes, the crinkling of ones nose - the twitch of the lips. You're quite 'inoffensive and non distracting' -

Elliot said...

Oh aren't you nice.
You're welcome here anytime.

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