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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Cough, cough

Isn't it charming the way young children are devoid of a certain amount of manners.
On the whole they learn please and thank you pretty early, but there are other things that take a while to sink it.
Wandering around with snot pouring out of their noses.
Wiping spittle all over you when they want a hug.
Coughing phlegm into your face.
As it happens, I'm not that squeamish when it comes to these things (from kids anyway - not that fussed being covered in adult mucus).
I'm not thrilled changing ploppy nappies, but if the child is familiar to me I'll go there with only a little trepidation.
I'm mentioning all this because I thought I may have picked up Baby Ashleighs cough, but since the day's warmed up it's obvious I haven't.
I have a very dear pregnant friend who won't come within 50 metres of anyone with a cold at the moment so I'm pleased it's gone off me.
(sniff, cough, spit).Posted by Hello


Mel said...

Ewww. Take care of yourself and indulge in some Manuka honey. and some tea.

Elliot said...

Actually - now that the day has warmed up I'm feeling a million times better - but thank you for caring!!

Mel said...

I linked you because it was getting tiresome to go into my comments to see what you're up to -hope it's ok.

Elliot said...

Link away Melly.
Be my guest.

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