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Monday, April 04, 2005

Here lies the powder and perfume...

Elvis Costello with his little piggy eyes and his frowny eyebrows is a little hard to caricature.
Any cartoonists out there will know what I mean.
Nicole Kidman is another example of someone with frowny eyebrows - always makes them look cranky or evil.
Elvis Costello does seem a little cantankerous in interviews but onstage he's electric.
I saw him last October and he was sensational.
Anyone who loves music should seek out his last CD, The Delivery Man.
It's full of great stuff.
This caricature looks vaguely like it belongs to a Hannah-Barbera cartoon from the 60s, not really an influence I'm that thrilled with but it's not a bad drawing nonetheless.Posted by Hello


abuliac said...

Almost reminds me of Nixon.

Elvis Costello is amazing, though!

Elliot said...

He is indeed.
I saw him play just a few months ago and it was fantastic.
The audience was a suprising mix of people.I
n front of me was a row of 16 year old pretty young things who knew all the words and had a ball.

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