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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hatched and Crossed

Cross hatching is one of the basic, bog standard skills any good illustrator should have.
Until recently I've only had a vague shot at it - and not really that effective.
Although I'm still not that good, and I still don't completly understand how to make it work properly, I'm getting better.
I've posted this image specifically because after finishing it my brain said, "Yeah, good work, that's nearly right".
This happened once a little earlier in the year so this is the third time in my life I feel I've lived up to my chosen nomenclature of "cartoonist". Posted by Hello


abuliac said...

In doodles of females, I used to use cross-hatching for blush on the cheeks. I didn't know it was an actual technique!

Elliot said...

Cross hatching is most definately a technique.
If it's of any interest to you Harvey Kurtzman, Simon Barnard and Robert Crumb are amongst the masters in the field.
I'm still not that good at it but I'm getting better...

Tweedledopey said...

I remember in my senior year of high school (13th year for canadians, 12th grade for the us, unknown for other countries), I took my first art class. We learned cross hatching pretty early on. Later on, in college, we used crosshatching as part of our computer animation course. The program we used was pretty cool. Written by students, as you zoomed in you could add more cross hatching to increase the detail.

Elliot said...

In Australia its called Year 12 or Grade 12 depending on what state you live in.
Regardless of what state, it is actually the 13th year.
I'm very interested to hear about this computer driven cross hatching.
Very interested indeed - if you have any memories please let me know!

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