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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Guilty as Charged

There is, in Launceston, a lovely restaurant called Pierres.
Despite the fact that the decor hasn't changed in the place for 30 odd years, it still looks remarkably modern.
The food is great.
On their wall they have a mural.
Whenever I've made their commercials (I make TV commercials for a living) I've photgraphed the mural and incorporated it in the ad.
They have been rabbiting on for ages about having the characters from the mural populate the cafe and move around such.
I was happy to provide this service and was especially excited to hear they'd found the woman who had originally painted the mural - I wasn't keen on trying to copy her style.
Of course what's happened is that she didn't want to have anything to do with the place, the mural or any new artwork.
So I'm stuck bastardising her rather lovely style.
I feel pretty bad doing it, but I don't really have much of a choice.
Above is a detail from her original mural (the top image) and my cheeseball ad bizz version of her characters (bottom image). Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

cheeseball ad biz version? what does the person who paid for the ad think about that i wonder?

Elliot said...

I think perhaps you have misunderstood what I was getting at there.
The mural on the wall at Pierres is a lovely piece of art.
I think my versions of the characters in the mural are feeble attempts to create the energy and life of the original mural.
There's a big difference between art and commercial production.
I'm not sure what the person who paid for the ad would think (his name is Steve), but he's a bloody nice fellow and I've always enjoyed working with him.
If you'd care to discuss it further feel free to email me.

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