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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Dancin' Fool

I'm not really designed for dancing although I do enjoy it.
I'm solid and robust rather than lithe and bendy.
I really only get into it properly when I'm full of piss (Australian for being very drunk).
This is another quick scribble done in Painter (a software package).
Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy popping things in brackets as a bit of an aside (just like this).
Most people know of an illustrator called Brian Froud, who I loved as a child.
This drawing isn't much like his work but I think the pose is.Posted by Hello


abuliac said...

I think I was born dancing. At least, my mother was still performing with me when she was 3 months pregnant. And she was at a party when she went into labor. So, chances are, I might have not been born doing pirouhettes, but with a mind set for movement.

You seem to have been born with a pen in your hand, though!

Elliot said...

A pen in my hand and my thumb up my arse unfortunately.
Your mother was a dancer I assume?

abuliac said...

Rhythmic gymnast. Close enough. Since I do mostly break-dancing now, it feels even closer.

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