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Monday, March 28, 2005


I dislocated my knee on Sunday morning.
This is a quick artists impression of how it looked before it popped back into place.
I can really only give an impression as I passed out for a moment and don't really remember much beyond the screaming.
It hurt significantly more than the time I snapped my archilles tendon several years ago.Posted by Hello


Spikes_Melbot said...

I dislocated my knee as kid doing sports. It sucks! I did it three different times. Then I had surgery and have a nice 8 inch scar to remind me. Hopefully you won't have to go through all that. Yuck!

Elliot said...

I'm not much of a sporting type but this is the second major injusry I've had.
I've got a nice 30 cm scar from my archilles operation that looks a treat.
That was more than enough surgery for me.

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