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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cura Magazine

A few months back I was asked to contribute a Boxhead and Roundhead illustration to Cura Magazine, an Italian art publication.
Orsola Mileti, the curator, suggested the characters might be trying to escape from the book somehow.
This seemed like a perfectly good idea so I used it.
The cover.

There is a preface page before my illustration that reads the following: There is no way out in the black and white world of Boxhead and Roundhead. Relentlessly bothered in the peacefulness of their house on the hill, interrupted even during their coffee breaks, chased by sea, land and alien monsters, overwhelmed by storms and landslides, attacked by exotic enemies or soldiers armed to the teeth and trapped in the works of some infernal machine. Fascinated by the world they see on TV and by the dreams of their afternoon naps, they are na├»ve and enthusiastic, hopelessly overwhelmed by reality. When they try to fly, they end up crashing through the roof of their own home. At times self destructive, at others times touchingly ingenuous, inevitably melancholic but drawn with a genuine noir spirit, they stoically keep on surviving through each of their Stressful Adventures. Invited to inhabit the pages of cura. for a brief moment, they find themselves dealing with the mangled and senseless Latin of “Lorem ipsum”.

And this is my drawing:

And this is the artwork.
Draw in Painter and Photoshop:


seven_sisters_of_pleiades said...


Elliot Cowan said...

Thanks, Son!

David B. Levy said...

I LOVE your illustration. I would describe you as an illustrator who happens to be a damn good filmmaker who happens to be a damn good writer, and so on...
: D

tk@prospectagency said...

this is so great Elliot!

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