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Monday, February 08, 2010

More Horn


Mônica said...

Hey, Elliot -- thanks for your visit!
I do know Bob Graham, I have some of his books, including a signed copy of "Let's get a pup, said Kate" that I found at a remainder store (I know, I couldn't believe my luck!) I like his work a lot. Another Australian illustrator that I admire is Stephen Michael King. He does lovely work with ink and watercolor.

Now who is this? He seems deep, deep in thought...

Elliot Cowan said...

I didn't know Stephen Michael King but I just looked him up.

I have a friend with young kids back home.
Bob Graham came to their class to talk about his books and the kids all thought he was terribly dull!
Terrific illustrator though.

You should check out Roland Harvey - another Australian illustrator.
He was popular before Bob Graham and is a little more expressive.

Mônica said...

I just looked up Roland Harvey. You're right, he's very expressive and a fantastic watercolorist!

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