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Sunday, November 22, 2009


On a non serial killer note.
I used to write a lot more here on the blog.
I guess Facebook consumes most of my general everyday thoughts and you'll find better considered commentary on animation at other blogs.
Today I saw two animated films, A Town Called Panic and Fantastic Mr Fox.
Panic was a film I was vaguely looking forward to and even though it played completely out of order I still loved it.
It's an anarchic, incredibly silly bit of business full of great images.
It has an animated spirit that is very infectious.
It really embodies pretty much everything I love about animation.
Here's the French trailer.
It's better than the dubbed.

Fantastic Mr Fox has been enjoyed by lots of animation people.
Go read Richard's review.
He liked it a lot more than me and it deserves to have folks flock to it at cinemas.
I hope it's a massive success, it'll be healthy for the industry.

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