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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Been Waiting So Long

Well here we are again.
Once or twice a year I revisit my favorite CDs and I've come around to Tom Waits classic "Bone Machine".
Anyone who's spent any time on this blog will know how influential Waits music has been on my work.
For those who don't know his work here is a potted history in stages.
1) Kind of beatnik folsky.
2) Jazz based.
3) Blues bleeding around lush strings and horn arrangements.
4) Rock and blues beginning to edge towards his exploration of "junk" music.
5) Experimentation, country, folks, rock, noise onwards and upwards.

Personally, it's the most recent stuff I like the most.
It's all visceral storytelling and bashing pots and pans.

The first CD of his I ever listened to was Bone Machine, and this is what I'm listening to as I write this.

It was a demanding listen to someone who doesn't really know his work.
It really did open my eyes to new music and new ways of thinking that have ensured I'll never run with the pack or be a part of the mainstream.

Here are a couple of clips.
Tom rocking out.

Tom doing old folk, accompanied by Felix the Cat for some reason...


Asterisk Animation said...

I guess I like phase 4a best: showtunes Waits. Frank's Wild Year, Big Time, The Black Rider.

Going Out West is a great track though.

I can do a mean "Missing You" (by John Waite) in a Rain Dogs-style Waits.

Some pals of mine honeymooned in Sequoia National Park. The Waits/Brannan family was in the camp right next to them and they shared a campfire a couple nights. He was as hilarious and cool as you would expect.

Elliot Cowan said...

I also love all those - Black Rider in particular.
We were obsessed with that album in art school.

And a great story too.
I'll pass that onto a pal who'll be delighted to read it.

sean said...

Hi Elliot--Im also heavily influenced by Tom. I think hes one of the best musicians around at the moment, doing some of the most interesting things. I really recommend Big Time, which is a great live album--also on DVD in concert. Anyway, Im moving to a new place in brooklyn this week and would LOVE to frame that picture of Waits you did. If you have any interest in selling it, I would gladly take it off your hands. I think your blog is fantastic by the way, and always love checking out your drawings and boxhead and roundhead stuff. always alive and fun and keep em coming! awesome stuff that always gives me a laugh!

Elliot Cowan said...

Hey Sean.
I just sent you an email regarding the drawing.

I'm especially happy you enjoy the B&R stuff.
I'm currently working on a new one and am nearly finished the animation.

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