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Friday, February 13, 2009

Up And Down

I had a loss of brain function yesterday.
I headed out to visit with J.J Sedelmaier in White Plains and forgot to take a picture.
Then I had several pints of Guinness in the city with Mr Dan Meth, and I forgot to take a picture then as well.
Nonetheless, it was very jolly.

On my way to White Plains I had to pass through the 42nd Street subway station and spent a good time listening to The Ebony Hillibillies, who were tearing up the subway with their music.

Instead of photographing jolly animation types, I photographed this awful thing that hovers over Union Square.
It's a chopstick and a pile of dung which and I especially dislike it.

I drew these dawgs at an ASIFA East meeting last week.




Its good to know someone else isn't down with that thing in union square.. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ANYWAYS?!?


Elliot Cowan said...

Fuck knows.

We must catch up again soon, Peddo.


I got a three day weekend this week...

I'm gonna be drunk on valentines day..
But, I'd be down for hanging out.


chumpmonkey said...

Great work here.
I saw Boxhead and Roundhead in an e-mail I got from They Might Be Giants (which is to say that I'm on their automatic e-mailing list, not that they're just e-mailing me casually to see how I'm doing). So... yeah, that's cool. I'm gonna have to animate something to one of their songs.

Anonymous said...

Yo Dawg, I like your dogs!

Elliot Cowan said...

And I like your puppies...

And thanks Don, yer a pal.

Anonymous said...


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