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Friday, February 06, 2009

Brian is the BEST!

When he was in NYC I finally caught up with broadcaster, author and animation historian Brian Sibley.
We had a very jolly afternoon.
Brian has been lovely enough to be enthusiastic as one could possibly be about Boxhead and Roundhead.
He's our special pal!
He also talks about spending time with another animation legend, John Canemaker.
This could possibly the only time in history that Cowan and Canemaker are going to be mentioned in the same breath...
READ IT HERE then go buy all of Brian's books and read them aloud to your cat.


mikeytapps said...

Hi Elliot, I am new to blogging. My wife and I really enjoy your boxhead and roundhead cartoons and that is how we found your blog. I also enjoy your drawings and sketches. Could you please explain to me how i can get the paint brush in photoshop to taper from thick to thin - as is evident in your lovely cartoons.
I would be very grateful for the tuition! Thanks so much. Mike

Elliot Cowan said...

Hi Mikey.
I'm using a Wacom tablet that lets me treat the tools in PS like they were "real".
The tablet is pressure sensitive which enables the tool to vary in weight.
I'm very pleased you enjoy my work.
I'm in the middle of a new cartoon right now...

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