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Thursday, January 22, 2009

They Might Be On The Toilet

Today while I was going plops, my mobile phone rang.
"Hi, this is John Flansburg of They Might Be Giants".
He'd seen my little Crumb Factory video (below) and liked it very much.
We talked about Youtube and iTunes and he gave me the very jolly permission to change the credit at the end of the film to "music used with permission" which is bloody nice.
Nice, huh?


David B. Levy said...

swell news, Elliot!

We gave the They Might Be Giants tour of Blue's Clues once, when they were getting into doing animation to their kids songs. They were very nice!

I remember they noticed my Beatles, Randy Newman, and Elvis Costello posters on my office wall and said, "So, you must be into the greatest songwriters of all time?'

Elliot Cowan said...

Cheers mate.

It was a surreal experience.
I've been listening to their music for nearly 20 years and it's certainly influenced my drawing and thinking.

It was odd to hear this familiar voice with my pants around my ankles...

I like Randy Newman, but I LOVE Elvis Costello, I tell ya.

Emmett said...

That's quite an experience there! Do you think you will be working with TMBG at some point?

There are so many songwriters out there whose attention I hope to get.


You should poop all the time!

Elliot Cowan said...

Emmett - No idea! Hope so.
As I said, I've been listening to them for years so it would be a pleasure to collaborate on something.

Mr Warby - I will! I am right now!

Smook said...

Congratulations on a satisfying bowel movement?


wurld famous Cowan....

Nice work man....


Paul Mckeown said...

Only you could receive this news while taking a big dump.
I'm happy and proud for you and your poo.

Richard Mitchelson said...

I hope you and your ass are satified by this great news, i must admit it is the best part of the day; no, not when members of bands call you out the blue (man that happens all the time, i wish they would stop calling me) but when you do a truly satisfying poop. Nice one... PARP (i have to go now)

Adam Rau said...

I believe there's an ancient spiritual text which states: "They Who Could Quite Possibly Be Massive Shall Bow Down Before the Almighty Poo." ... Or something to that effect.

It's an obscure passage and has never made sense to me until now.

Congrats and good luck! May all your movements bear as much fruit as this one.

Bitter Animator said...

That's feckin' amazing Mr.Cowen. Well done. You must be well chuffed.

Corey said...

That's great news!

Elliot Cowan said...

Smook - Thanks man. I think there is a correlation between shit ideas and doing a shit (or something like that).

Pedro - If you come tomorrow I'll reenact the moment.

Paul - You've had your own little victory that is poo free, I am pleased to say.

Richard - PARP! Like Noddy's car!

Adam - I should have done one for you this morning.

Bitter Animator - Thanks. I am both chuffed and fecally satisfied.

Corey - It's great news that you took the time so say "Great news".

tatia said...

beautiful video elliot!

Elliot Cowan said...

Thanks Tatia, whoever you are!

tatia said...

we met at amid's party, we talked about our spoon bending immigration status... and animation too.

Elliot Cowan said...

Well of course!
There are a lot of Tatias in the world, and now I know which one you are.
Hope you are well!

Fabio Tonetto said...

Hi Elliot,many compliments for the post on cartoon brew.
We met in london about a year ago in that pub with Simona.
Now she's in Italy and tonight we'll a have a dinner so i can show to her too.

See you.

Elliot Cowan said...

Fabio - thank you for passing on my message to the lovely Simona.

Kristen McCabe said...


So you were pooping while talking to John Flansburg? ahhhahahahaaaa! That's something to tell your future grandkids about.

Fabian Dores Pais said...

Congrats Elliot, what a great news, wow.

oneweeklygun said...

You're damn right I will!
I discovered your fabulous work this way. Wow.
I'll dig it all.
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