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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ani Mates

I have finished up my tenure with the lovely folks at Switch FX which finally gives me the opportunity to catch up with some proper NY animation people.
On Friday I had lunch with the incredibly positive and personable David Levy (below).

Afterwards, I saw Madagascar 2, which had some great moments.
A much better moment was that evening when Rebecca and I finally caught up with the extremely tall and bearded Tim Rauch, one half of Rauch Brothers Animation, future animation juggernauts as far as I'm concerned.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of him, but he pretty much looks like Grizzly Adams after a good scrubbing down.
It was a terrific day - hooray for animation!


Tim Rauch said...

heyyy! it was fun hanging out with you elliot, you and rebecca are just plain fun to be around!

Mike Rauch said...

Grizzly Adams, ha! I had to do some research to get the reference. I like it. I think it's in the eyes— that look of a wild man who's out there trying to survive in the wilderness. Some would just say a nut job, but I like your way of putting it. Look forward to linking up sometime...

Elliot Cowan said...

Double Rauch - Throw an "N" into the middle and we've got ourselves a burlesque show.

I am sure we'll have ample time to catch up soon.
We should arrange some kind of animationy drinks someplace.

Elliot Cowan said...

Also - Grizzly Adams was also a television series that I fucking loved as a kid.
I saw an episode late one night a while back and am unhappy to report that it was bloody awful.

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