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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chain Reaction

Where I live we have possums creeping about the place instead of squirrels.
They're about the size of cats.
They eat all the plants and get into the roof space and fuck everything up and shit all over the place.
You can get an idea of them here:

Last night, a couple of them got into a fight very near my bedroom window.
They use the fence that runs past my window as a pathway to the garage roof.
Once on the roof they began to fight, squealing and hissing and grunting and eventually falling off and climbing back up again to fight more.

This hullabaloo raised the ire of the hound...

Which in turn disturbed the sleeping beast...


Anonymous said...

good drawings.

Elliot Cowan said...

They are true to life!

Matt J said...

That footage is great-what a funny walk that possum has-full of chatacter, like a 'baggy pant' walk! The critter hits lovely poses too-methinks some sketch study is in order here. Possums are my new favourite animal, after the Cowan of course!

Elliot Cowan said...

They can be lovely, but these ones are awful.
Like giant rats.
They eat everything in the garden and cause a ruckus.

Norman Lindsay, a wonderful Australian painter wrote and illustrated a brilliant book for children called The Magic Pudding.
One of the villains in that book was a possum and Lindsay drew him very much as you described.

Nikki P said...

The possums were running up and down the fence when Gethin and I were there this time last year, bloomin noisy things they are.

Anonymous said...

AA batteries are the cure. Throw them at possums when they are making a racket and i can guarantee that they choose another window to shag near in the future.


Tali said...

haha. great drawings! love your linework.
The damn possums have eaten everything i've tried to grow on my balcony. they are cute and horrible all at the same time.

Elliot Cowan said...

Hey Tali.
I'm glad you enjoy your work.

Where in Melbourne did you study animation?
I did the postgrad year at VCA.

Congrats on the Annecy film too.
Always very prestigious.

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