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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Folks may remember a long ramble I made sometime last year about film funding from Screen Tasmania.
Well it's seems that some other folks have noticed some similar things.
Matt Shea of has been sniffing about and noting projects Screen Tas have handed big lumps of money but the film has never surfaced.
One was the film about the zebra I mentioned in my initial blogpost.
Matt wrote a piece about this missing film and it was to be published by a Tasmanian news provider but the bits that were considered to be defamatory were edited out, including the cartoon I drew for him.
Here's the cartoon.
Hardly likely to start the revolution.


Mark said...

Hi Elliot

Real shame the cartoon wasn't published. It was fantastic.

Thanks for your support



Elliot Cowan said...

Well it's online and relates directly to what you wrote, so what can they do about it?

Smelly Binning said...

Love Gilbert the Zebra. Thanks for supporting REAL Tassie Filmmakers by exposing the rorts!

Elliot Cowan said...

Smelly - Film making is a particularly complex issue in Tasmania, but I'm no crusader, just speaking in broad strokes.

Romont Willy said...

Muito bom seu desenho, adorei! Parece ter uma leveza em seu tra├žo.

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