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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drinking and Drawing

Last night Channel Frederator put on NYC's first Drinking and Drawing get together.
In short, animators were required to turn up, drink, then were given 8 frames to draw in 10 minutes following on from the animator that came before them.
A bit like animated Chinese whispers.
I know that my pals in London are all thinking "So all the animators get together and get maggoted and draw...Isn't that called "going to work?"".
It was a very jolly affair and I got to meet all kinds of good folks, including Bill Plympton, who I've been stealing from for years (but not his satchel, which disappeared).
I was very happy to follow on from Bill's frames, but in typical fashion I managed to create nothing better than a series of childlike scribbles that provided more embarrassment than entertainment.


ealaimo said...

Hey Elliot! It was fun as hell talking with you last night. And I straight away took your advice and made a blog. My only regret is not getting a photo of the two of us together.

I'll stay in touch and whatnot, but enjoy your trip back to your homeland.

Emmett said...

You were there too, Mr. Cowan?!

So was I. Oh my god! I should have recognized you! Tough luck on my part.

That was an interesting experience last night. Gathering like that are usually very enjoyable, because you can catch up with a lot of the local animators. And the actual drawing: a good challenge for starting animators.

Elliot Cowan said...

Ealaimo - Glad you had fun. I'm sure we'll cross paths again soon.

Emmett - You should have recognised me. I'm very famous...

Joan Cabot said...

It's great to be in NY so I can miss all those things happening around. But I'm glad my favourite OZ reporter went to investigate.
Drinking and drawing. I allways do it in that order.
Have a nice flight home.

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

name dropper

Elliot Cowan said...

John T. Quinn??!!!
THE John T. Quinn???
I'm going to tell all my friends that John T. Quinn left a message on my blog.

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