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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Woods

Last night we returned home from a wonderful weekend in the woods of Pennsylvania.
I was very much hoping to see a bear but the most I spotted were squirrels and a cat called Kevin Bacon.


max said...

I heard that in Pennsylvania some squirrels and a cat called Kevin Bacon spotted a Tasmanian bear in the woods.

Anonymous said...

HAH FUNNY Max. Nice pictures!

Jampix said...

Nice pics Elliot, reminds me of the Flemish Hills close to my home town.
Autumn is the most beautifull and inspiring season, what can beat a walk with friends in the forrest during autumn..?
Best JP ;)

Elliot Cowan said...

"what can beat a walk with friends in the forest during autumn?"

A blow job in the forest during autumn.

UM said...

Great pics, Elliot. Lovely autumn colors, blow job or not.
By the way, I'm blogging again.

Meg Shaw said...

If you want to see a bear, just bring along some donuts and beer.

You could also go the traditional route and strap a salmon on your back.

Matt J said...


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