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Friday, August 10, 2007

Triumph Of The Will

Folks may remember us all trecking off to the Annecy Animated Film Festival in June.
One of our number, the erudite and attractive Will Cope-Brown documented some of our sophisticated and exciting adventures.
You can find them in a 10 minute chunk on Youtube.
Highlights include: The Spaniard on the Roof, Welshman's Nipples, Pretty Girls Arse and Dancing Jew.


Matt J said...

Ah-the memories! This will go down a storm on the art-house circuit but who will play US in the big-budget Hollywood re-make?

Christopher Lee as Uli?
Wesley Snipes as Jason Kotey?
Boris Hiestand as Boris Hiestand?

Elliot said...

No two hours ago I was asked by a fellow in Tupelo Honey if I was Peter Jackson...

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