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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tove On Sibley

Some months ago I was browsing the blog of writer and talker, Brian Sibley.
I found his blog via my friend Boris, and I initially gone there to leave uncomplimentary comments about him (Boris, that is).
In the brief exchange of comments, Brian mentioned that he recalled a small tribute to Tove Jansson I had drawn a couple of years back.
This exchange of comments led to his revelation that he and Tove had corresponded for some time.
It took only a few months of very minor nagging to get Brian to blog about his letter writing adventures with her and I am delighted to say that it is worth the wait.


Mukpuddy said...

Like-wise dude, it was very cool to share The Fred with you, your stuff is really cool!!

Brian Sibley said...

Glad you enjoyed the Tove stuff!

Oh, yes --- and thanks for nagging... :-)

Oscar Grillo said...

Maybe you need to read what Tove said about Sibley.

Oscar Grillo said...

Ahhh. Your stuff ain't cool, I is quite good.

Jay D Smith said...

thanks for the link!!

love tove's work!


Anonymous said...

why haven't you posted lately?

Brian Sibley said...

Oscra wrote: "Maybe you need to read what Tove said about Sibley." OK, Oscar, how much do you want for those letters?? ;-)

Forbes Browne said...

Thanks for posting the blog link. I knew nothing about Tove. I work in a bookshop and wondered why we were stocking so many of these little blue books (The Summer Book)...Thanks to Mr. Sibley now I know. Gonna have to read and review one in order to avert people away from reading Katie Price's crap!

Elliot said...

Rebekit - I imagine you can guess.

Brian - The letters Oscar refers to are hideous and should never see the light of day.

Forbes - Her adult books are very good, but don't miss her Moomin books.
Also - I'm embarrassed to tell you to leave Katie Price alone.
She's ok.

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