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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Star Wars Exhibition

Today we went to the Star Wars exhibition.
Here are some photographic highlights.

A robot having a widdle.

Harrison Ford doing his Al Jolson impression.

Highly popular "Making Of" film.

The inside of George Lucas's colon.

The machine that does all of the animation for ILM.

This is the breastplate on the Darth Vader costume.
Darth apparently went to Hebrew school, a detail they left out of the movies.

I found this on the ground outside Archway station.
It brought me a great deal more joy and entertainment than the Star Wars exhibition.
And it was cheaper too.

And to prove I've been to London, here is a picture of an elephant on stilts.


Boris Hiestand said...

dammit why didn't you invite me along- we could have had a right old laugh about all that star wars bullshit.

See you Monday

A woman said...


Elliot said...


Jampix said...

funny comments!

Forbes Browne said...

I don't like the possibility of an elephant shitting on my head.

Rich said...

I was with the Studio that made the last three Star Wars films...


PS. Latest Boxhead and Roundhead, superb once again Elliot. Always enjoyable.

Elliot said...

No need to apologise, Rich.
I think there are plenty of good stuff in those films, but it's not in the exhibition.

Jo Bling said...


Good to see you last week mate in Annecy (we hooked up with Amid and also on Uli's stand). I've been HERE before, your blog. Smashing stuff. Don't be a stranger now, y'hear?


Matt J said...

Scroll down to the STAR WARS convention - especially the golden bikini section!

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