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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No Need To Sit

Only minutes ago I just stepped out for a bite to eat and hear someone yelling "Oi! You there! Oi!".
I turned to look but the young fellow shouting was directing his bellows at a different coloured young fellow.
The first fellow ran up to the other fellow, pulled out a hammer, and belted him in the guts!
The second fellow saw it coming and although he took a hit, he ran off into the traffic at full tilt with the first fellow hot on his tail, brandishing the hammer in a menacing way.
Then I had lunch.
This picture has nothing to do with the experience.


Oscar Grillo said...

It wasn't me!

Jason Kotey said...

It was me. I punched the other fellow out with a bigger hammer. He merely bruised one of my packs on my 6-pack with his hammer.
Barely a scratch.

Forbes Browne said...

Hahaha! I took pot luck which of your blogs to pick. I think I hit the right one. You nutter!!!

Elliot said...

Jason - from the looks of you he hit you in face.

Forbes - Are you someone I know?

Forbes Browne said...

YOU DON'T REMEMBER ME?...Nah, just kidding! I ended up here through Uli's blog. Your doodles cracked me up.

Jason Kotey said...

Elliot- How did you guess? My plastic surgeon said he'd have to get the money up front to repair my face this time around.
Forty bucks!

Elliot said...

They could just transplant a large piece of flesh from your arse.

Jason Kotey said...

Its not big enough, son

Elliot said...

Forbes - cheers mate.

Jason - It's more than adequate I am sure.

Jack Snider said...

Had you been in the U.S. he probably would have had a gun. Then your appetite may have been well and truly spoiled.

Funny cartoon. Business as usual.

limbolo said...

The other day I saw some goon charge across the street with a view to catching his bus. A guy on a scooter skidded around him but the goon stumbled and fell. He got to his feet and started whacking the scooterist around the head screaming "Respect! Respect!". Fortunately the scooter guy had a helmet on, but he was still straddling his bike and - with both hands on the handlebars - unable to defend himself.
A cab driver slowed down and leaned out of his window: "Oi, Oi...That's enough of that".
The goon turned and started poking jabs at the cab driver.

Bring back national service, I say.
And fox-hunting too. In fact I think fox-hunting should be obligatory - for all persons under 25.

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