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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

L'Idiots Apology

For the first 4 months I lived in London, I lived on my cousins couch in a suburb called Archway.
Archway is a filthy dump but is very convenient for the trains and the buses and there are some good places to eat nearby.
When I finally moved into my own place, I moved about 20 minutes over the hill - not far away - to the Kentish Town end of Highgate Road.
Here I've been for about 6 or 7 months and in a fortnight, I'll be moving back to my cousins place (my flat has been sold).
From where I live I walk out to the main road, turn left and head to the station or into the studio in Camden, or go catch a bus.
So with a fornight left to go here, one afternoon I decided to not turn left, but turn right.
And here is where my apology comes in.
As anyone who knows me is aware, I've not been very kind about London.
Despite that, London has been very kind to me.
It's paid me well and has many good friends.
So as I turned right up Highgate Road, I found a little row of nice cafes.
And one of them made great coffee.
And there were lots of lovely big trees about.
With the pleasant weather we've been having, it felt a little like a corner of St Kilda or Elwood back home.
Then I noted that Hampstead Heath was just over there.
I'd always know it was quite close, but I didn't realise it was literally within 2 minutes of my front door.
So I went for wander through a small portion of the 3.2 square kilometres that make up the Heath.
And what a delight!
It had been raining earlier and everything smelled of soil and earth.
There are large fields and lots of woods.
I felt very much like I was wandering through The Wind In The Willows at times.
Sorry London.
You're ok.


Oscar Grillo said...

Lots of gay encounters in the green, Elliot

Elliot said...

In the brown, you mean.

Anonymous said...

this blog entry is literally a breath of fresh air.

Elliot said...

Not in this instance.
I was trying to be positive so didn't mention that the Heath has a distinct whiff of dog shit about it.

Oscar Grillo said...

Elliot if you don't post something truly interesting soon I'll never buy you a beer again, D'youhear?!

Elliot said...

I would but I have no method of scanning drawings and my laptop is in for repairs (has all my drawing software on it).

I have had a lovely time leaving uncomplimentary comments on the blogs of untalented cartoonists.

Oscar Grillo said...

That sounds good...Tell me where and I'll join you in the rubbishing, even if it is in my own blog!!!!

Matt J said...

Doh! Check out Highgate cemetary & park too- not far from you.

Oscar Grillo said...

There is a picture of Elliot Hampsted Heath here:

Oscar Grillo said...

"Elliot IN Hampsted Heath", sorry!

Arschblog said...
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