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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have been very neglectful of my blog recently, yet people have been kind enough to return to visit.
So then!
What have I been up to?
The usual collection of skiving and work.
A very big special "Hooray, Huzzah!" to the delightful Stef Kardos and his brand new bride, the even more delightful Tina.
I spent some time with them on their wedding day ingesting vast quantities of Fuller's Honeydew Ale.
I met the delightfully incoherent Kardos Snr, who considered me to have the sharpest intellectual mind he had ever encountered.
On his way out he declared, in a mighty commanding voice, "ELLIOT! L' IDIOT!".
I believe this translates into "Elliot! I admire your generously sized antipodean brain! I salute you!".
Now then - there was another lasting memory of the evening for me.
Although I don't believe that the mirthful performance of Mr O. A. Grillo was captured on any video tape, the experience was preserved for all time by animation director Charles. M. Jones.
About 2 minutes into the cartoon below you will see a highly accurate portray of Oz by Porky Pig.
So accurate in fact that I found I was laughing about the memory of Oscar in fits of laughter rather than the cartoon itself.

I'll be back with more drawings and even another Boxhead and Roundhead soon.


Oscar Grillo said...

He said "L'idiot" with a touch of the mumbling of Monsieur Hulot, that made me laugh.

Great photo of mine you linked...Perhaps I should use it as my avatar.

Kristian Antonelli said...

I too admire your generously sized antipodean brain! Although i am yet to fully appreciate it's boundless potential. Maybe some other time when i am not so mumbling and lame.
great blog by the by.

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