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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Dawg

The dog is well looked after.


Oscar Grillo said...

The one who's not doing so well is your mom.

Elliot said...

She reads this mate, so mind your manners!

Anonymous said...

This is the cutest picture ever!

Oscar Grillo said...

Mrs. Elliot's Mum...I know you know I am joking!...Don't pay any attention. I am mainly provoking your big boy, that's all!....Have a good day!

Nikki Pearson said...

Ell I don't know so much I may have to agree with Oscar but then again she does have Ella to keep her in check.

Anonymous said...

Again. I gave your mum that cup as a present.
I'm repulsed that she would feed that smelly dog from it.
Your mum's next gift... a book on appropriate chinaware for dogs.
p.s i think it's about time we head back. Our mums have lost the plot.
p.p.s more Waterside Marine mugs required for the cowan household. I'll let Vic know.

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