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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Television Commercial

Anyone in the UK will be familiar with the current slew of commercials for the Orange telecommunications company.
They feature a warbling folk singer who sounds like he's swallowed a live monkey.
If anyone knows who is responsible for selecting that particular fellow to represent the Orange network could you please punch them in the throat?


Bentos said...

Getting annoyed at adverts is Gods way of telling you you're watching too much telly.

Elliot said...

I suspect you are absolutely correct.

Truth is, I made television commercials for 10 years and it still astonishes me that agencies confuse cloying with whimsy.

Oscar Grillo said...

And what can you say about the Ozzie singers of "Sheila's Wheels" then?

Elliot said...

Exactly the same.
I'll mention again though - Shelia's Wheels is a purely British thing.
We don't have it in Oz.

Oscar Grillo said...

There are few things you have in Oz.

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