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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I spent a sentimental evening downloading Australian comedy from Youtube.
Mostly stuff about 10 years old.
I came across some clips of a very strange character called Flacco, played by a fellow called Paul Livingstone.
Flacco started out as surreal space alien who became slightly less surreal over time and, despite he very peculiar act, is very popular.

Flacco ended up doing a lot of work with a bloke called Steve Abbot, who is playing his Sandman character.
Sandman is a kind of irritable sad sack and he and Flacco seem to work well together.
Flacco has a funny twitchy style of performance and is fascinating to watch.
Flacco appears about 2 minutes into the clip, but Sandman pissing about with the audience is entertaining if you like this kind of idiocy.


Oscar Grillo said...

"Flaco" with a single C means "skinny" in Spanish.

Elliot said...

He's a diminutive fellow...perhaps that's where he got it from.

I neglected to mention that before he was Flacco he was an animator and illustrator...

Oscar Grillo said...

Like Alina Chau!

Elliot said... I miss her...

Alina Chau said...

Ohhh!..You say the nicest things!!

Elliot said...

I also miss the tender touch of her fingertips caressing the underside of my scrotum.

Ariel said...

Did you know Flacco means "skinny" in spanish? This dude looks it..

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