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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Well I've been away in New York for a bit and before then I've been busy and haven't posted anything.
I sat down to do something tonight but nothing I did was any good so you get this intellectual selection of scribbles from the past few months.

Genevieve Godbout - the eighth nicest Frenchman in England.
Well she's Canadian actually. But quite French.
She says "Eeeaahh" with a French accent, whatever the case.

A snake eating a girl (did I post this before?).

A vast hairy bush.

A dickhead with a dicknose.

A girl taking a shit.

Fancy t-shirt design.

Tony Thorne - the best Tasmanian in the world.

Grinning German.


Michael said...

Welcome back.

Some great doodles, although I'm not sure about the gal taking a crap.

Stef said...

I didn't even know there were 8 nice French people in London. They are hard to find.

Boris Hiestand said...

is Genevieve a man?

Jason Kotey said...

Genevieve, Tony and Uli are cool pictures!
The girl taking a shit is concerning....

Elliot said...

Michael - you should always be sure about girls taking a crap.

Stef - there are actually only 3. I was being kindly.

Boris - I believe you are the only one here qualified to confirm your question.

Jason - they are cool people, also.
The shitting girl is also very cool.

Just a Girl said...

Someone needs a trim :)

Boris Hiestand said...

You know all images are connected

Andrew Glazebrook said...

A bizarre bunch of pics !!

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