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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Go Have a Look

Anyone who spends any time trawling the blogs knows there is often not a lot to be excited about.
It's always nice when we see one of our pals post something nice, and it's good to be supportive, but beyond that I think it's easy to be dissapointed.
During the week I came across the blog of Ian Worrel. I was initially drawn to visit his blog after he left some very accurate comments on the blog of some other much less talented person.
His work is absolutely marvelous and I'd encourage anyone with an interest in drawing and animation to go take a look.
He has a couple of blogs, but THIS ONE has the nicest stuff on it.
You can also view his very lovely student film HERE. I didn't love it at first (although the images are wonderful) but it has grown on me very much.

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Boris Hiestand said...

the guy is 22!

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