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Tuesday, January 23, 2007



UM said...

Love this one, even though it's a bit phallic without the viagra.

Oscar Grillo said...

A Chuck Jones dog attacked by dicks.

Goobeetsablog said...

I like this.
nice depth to the color work.

Elliot said...

Uuls - Nothing wrong with phallic, is there?

Oz - Didn't notice any Jones here but pleased you did.
I often feel attacked by dicks, by the way.

Gooby - pleased you noticed the one thing I spent 13 seconds on : )

rose-a-petits-pois said...

You often feel attacked by dicks???
hum... anyway, nice one
I like it!

Anonymous said...

And there I was reading it as testicles at first glance.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

You've brought a tear to my japs eye with this stunning piece.

Stef said...

I'm scared.

Anonymous said...

Great image! (*especially the creases on the tentacle arms. I know.. i'm weird)



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