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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Grillo Season!


UM said...

Be careful! According to his own words, he's the master of unpredictable cartooning! (which by the way he is)

Elliot said...

Oh I'm always careful (which is the second time I've had to mention this today...)

Anonymous said...

Is Oscar an argentine cartoonist living in London? hmm.. (cause i'm argentine)

I guess i could just ask him, but he never comments on my blog :/

I like the colouring on this one.



Elliot said...

That he is Ariel.
He has been there for some time.
He has several blogs all full of great stuff.
You could ask him on one of them.

Oscar Grillo said...

Elliot. isn't this character the guy who hunts Boxhead and Roundhead all the time?

Ariel. What is this bullshit "Oh...If he doesn't comment in my blog I don't comment in his...OooooooooHHHH!!!!"
-A llorar al cuartito!

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