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Friday, December 15, 2006

Um Daddy

Great night out with Boris and Gary Dunn and a plethora of animation types.
Does anyone know the skinny fellow in the beanie who turned up at the end of the evening?
He gave me his number and my phone hasn't saved it.
I believe his name was Etian? Something like that perhaps...
He hires illustrators so it was a number I was keen on retaining.
If anyone out there knows him it would be great if you could help me out.

You'll find all the Boxhead and Roundhead cartoons here now:


Anonymous said...

Great illustrations Elliot... Such fluidity to your line :)

You're like a ralph Steadman/Ronald Searle clone! ;)


Matt J said...

Several BARRELS of booze must have been guzzled betwixt yourself, Boris & Gary?!

BXHD & RNDHD has some good little moments of animation timing eg. the 'expressions' at the start & the run into the forest. A fine effort almost ruined by a godawful choice of music!! Something more dramatic would help a lot.

Ettiene was the art director at Fortean Times magazine. He commissions spot illos for the mag & you'd be perfect I reckon.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff my man! I absolutely love the Boxhead and Roundhead movie you have..and the music fits really well too..

Speak soon

Elliot said...

Ariel - I'm not actually sure if that's the compliment you intended it to be...

Matt - I emailed you...

JP - it's been ages mate. I'll pop past for a drink and thanks for your feedback pal.

mr-dunn* said...

oh how i am gerateful for the pshop leaf stencil tool..
great to see you the other night-i had a great larff

Anonymous said...

*I don't even know what i say anymore... (i'm getting old)


Elliot said...

You sad old bugger...

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