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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Behold! A New Year Is Upon Us

Hello everyone!
I've not updated my blog in a little while as I've been busy working on another Boxhead & Roundhead Cartoon.
It'll be online by the end of next week and will be called "The Infernal Machine".
I have nearly been in the northern hemisphere 6 months!
Does it seem longer....shorter? I'm not sure.
One of the greatest things in the universe that the UK has to offer is that every Sunday on the history channel they play Attenborough documentaries from 6 in the morning until midnight. There is little more pleasing than spending Sunday lazing about with penguins and pythons and leopards and lemurs.
Today they are showing the very new series, Planet Earth, perhaps the most remarkably shot documentary series yet.
I have no idea if it's playing at home yet but if so, don't miss it.
Tonight I dine with fine fellows and will usher in the new year with great new friends and missing the company of old.
I have posted many pictures of Tasmania where I had been living for such a long time, but in honor of a new year (and the fact that my laptop is elsewhere so I don't have any drawings) I'll include some pictures of Melbourne, where I am from.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Elliot.
May it be one filled with more adventure and a job :)

Oscar Grillo said...

What am I doing in the back of the street in the third photograph?

Anonymous said...

Elliot!!!.. Planet Earth is indEED an amazingly shot series.. MY gf and I watch it when we can(she's a humankind freak ;)

Happy New years Buddy! (*six hours ahead of canada time)



Lisa and Lee said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR from your pals in aussieland
luv lis :) and lee :))) All the very best for 2007.
PS. Rye foreshore had a massive riot. 500 idiots
decided to hurl glass bottles and plastic chairs at police!

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