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Sunday, November 12, 2006


I refer to our upstairs neighbours (who I have never met) as Big Elephant and Little Elephant, due to the noises they make crashing about during the day.
Tonight I could hear them shagging while I worked on some animation (which I why I've not posted much recently).
I wrote this poem in honor of the occasion.

I can hear our upstairs neighbours,
Partaking of a shag.
I can hear the windows rattle,
And see the ceiling start to sag.

Two elephants, I joke they are
(I can see the ceiling's sunk).
Such weight and noise and trumpeting.
And no doubt, quite a trunk.

The wailing has abated.
Two exhausted pachyderm.
A dust bath on the Serengeti,
To wash away the sperm.


Boris Hiestand said...

I love this poem almost as much as I love you

Elliot said...

And that is why I will be buying you beers one night this week.

max said...

Lovely poem. These neighbours of yours have quite an inspirational effect on you. I hope they keep it up.

UM said...

You're almost better than Schlingmann.

Oscar Grillo said...

It was me upstairs all the time, Elliot (Pant, pant!!)

Elliot said...

You don't want to know how you made me feel then...

Matt J said...

Beautiful rhyming couplets.

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