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Friday, November 03, 2006

Again With The Mickey

It seems that when I'm not feeling especially inspired you get self loathing Mickey.


Oscar Grillo said...

Try to put more expression on his face...Kids like it better that way.

Elliot said...

There's an expression we use in Australia...

Desiree said...

Thanks for the comment:D Gleeeee!
Nice Mickey(s)and i LOVE the genie. He lives in a matchbox? Surprisingly Appropriate.
i take it u draw on wacom?? Meeeeeh who uses pencil and paper tHEEEEESe Days???

Elliot said...

I do use a Wacom tablet and Painter for almost all this stuff.
I find it important to mention that the main reason I use it is for it's convenience.
Painter manages to replicate my "analogue" linework perfectly.
If it didn't, I wouldn't use it.

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