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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Tube Of You

God bless You Tube.
For those interested in Tasmania, the best place in the world, take a gander at these clips:
I issue an awful music warning...
A tour of the city of Launceston (with awful music)

A short clip of Honeymoon Bay on the east coast

Famous clip of the last known Thylociene (incorrectly called a Tasmanian Wolf here)

A Koala - not native to Tassie but there in wildlife parks

A Bunch of Tassie devils squabbling, Warner Brothers style
This one is brilliant. The devils sound like someone trying to dislodge a horizontally shaped poo from a vertical shaped hole.

Mildly interesting photo montage (with good pictures) and awful music

A wallaby! These creatures are yummy!

Huge bloody great waves with suicidal maniacs surfing on them

Lake St. Clair in the Wintertime - nice time lapse stuff


Wineglass Bay - Paradise on my doorstop


Oscar Grillo said...

Do they have any "vistas" of Camdem Town?

Stef said...

Wallabys, we talked about them last night. Was great to see you again Elliot!

Elliot said...

That's why I put it up there mate!

Anonymous said...

Drat the slow connection. I'll wait for another day.

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