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Monday, October 23, 2006

More Colour

It's hard to tell whether this is satisfying or just Photoshop fiddling.
Can anyone do this in Photoshop?
Is this merely using software to create a popular look?
This is the big thing...


Boris Hiestand said...

it's a lot better than the blur filter on the mickey below! I really like these...

Elliot said...

Oh cheers pal.
I'm always pleased to have your opinion.

limbolo said...

What is the 'popular' look that you find to be 'mere?

Elliot said...

I am conscious of making Photoshop images, rather than my own images.

You use Photoshop in such a way that you are making it do what you want it to.
I think at the moment I am letting the software dictate what I'm doing, which means that anyone can do it, which is not what I want to be doing.

Does this make any sense?

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