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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Killer Pelican

Today as I had my breakfast in the caff downstairs, I thumbed through The Sun.
In it was a hilarious story about a idiotic pigeon who had somehow stumbled into the pouch of a pelican's bill.
According to the story the pigeon struggled for 20 minutes before the pelican thought "Fuck this for a game of skittles" and swallowed the pigeon whole.
I am sure it regretted it - swallowing a live bird is surely not a nice thing (for the eater or the eatee).


Anonymous said...

Ewww. Think of it wiggling down your throat!

Patricia said...

OK, there are feathers involved, but otherwise it cannot be too different to swallowing a fish alive?

mr-dunn* said...

i heard on radio 2 so it must be true that the powers at st james park have imported russian white pelicans-yeah my thoughts intentionally eat the pigeons in an effort to control shite either..
how bout a piont o beer at the wheatsheaf on rathbone place w1 fr i night..boris has his cash hanging oot!

Elliot said...

Patricia - I think it's quite different. Fish are designed to slip neatly down a birds throat.
Their scales all poin one direction, and any sharp bits point away from the throat.
A pigeon is all flapping and has claws and a beak and feathers aren't slippery like scales are.
I've never eaten either whole, so I don't speak from experience.

Dunny - I may see you there, I've hurt my knee and have to be a little bit careful.
You need to email me your number mate.

lee said...

I read that in the Independent, the bird was still alive for a while in the pelican's crop after he went down fighting. It just looked wrong, I blame 4X4's !

Patricia said...

Obviously the pelican was happy enough...he must have thought that it's better a bird in the beak...
In Spanish the saying goes "When there is hunger no bread is stale"

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