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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bad Brother


Oscar Grillo said...

A Spanish cartoonist called Chumy Chumez made a joke saying "To show you that I love life more than you do, I'll eat this bird alive"

Rebekit said...

to eat a bird alive proves only insanity.

Boris Hiestand said...

Ron Perlman!

Anonymous said...

"to eat a bird alive proves only insanity."

or starvation.

pandave said...

i'm thinking the two in the bush must be feeling very relieved right now.

"to eat a bird alive proves only insanity."

or that you're ozzie osbourne.

Elliot said...

There should be more eating of live animals.
I watched a crazy Korean film called Oldboy in which the fellow ate a live octopus.

Patricia said...

Surely the octopus was bound "hand and foot"?!

Elliot said...

No, no.
Live and whole.
It wasn't very big.

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