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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ask The Leylans - REVISED

A huge thanks to the hard working, talented and overly apologetic Smook, who was kind enough to send me the original version of this post before Blogger did unfriendly things to it.
Here it is in all its glory.

Well it's been an exciting day!
We travelled all over the show.
The day began the evening before as I pondered the impressive dribble of water piddling into our flat from the one above.
Despite him claiming to have done something about it, our landlord seems to have achieved nothing more than adding a few centimetres of brackish water to the collection bucket and enhacing the smell of paper mache' in the tv room.
We left the problem in his unhelpful hands, hired a car and went to vist the city of Bath.
How jolly it was.
I took quite a few pictures, but it was hard to get anything decent that didn't have swarms of repellent tourists stuffing themselves with McDonalds and treats from Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe interfering my compositions.
The pictures below are of some kind of cathedral there.
I have made them black and white and bumped up the contrast to make it look like I'm really clever (when in fact I'm not at all).

We had intended to go and see Stonehenge on the way home but by the time we got there it was shut.
It may sound hard to shut a pile of rocks, 3 million years old, but in fact all it meant that we had to peer through the cyclone fencing instead of standing nearby.
Apparently Stonehenge gets a little niggly after hours and can bite, so it was the best way to enjoy a pile of rocks unsupervised.
I mean no disrespect to the ancient history of any nation, but I've discovered in my travels that when you are confronted with something that you've seen in so many pictures, that the majesty of a monument is utterly diminished, so it feels a bit like a theme park.

And this is a bit of the English countryside pretending to be Tasmania.
It's doing a good job, but the sheep are the wrong colour.


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Language, young man!

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Hi Rachel, hi Ian, hi sheep, hi Elliot.

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bloglines my friend, bloglines.....

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