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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


There is a terrific Australian artists called Brett Whiteley.
He was a bit of a tragic figure because despite his cheeky persona he was unfortunately addicted to heroin, which was his ultimate undoing.
I was never really aware of his work when I was a kid, but I did see the image at the top somewhere and it stuck with me all my life.
He was often drawing these angry baboons (the monkey on his back)
I post them mostly because they are a distant influence on my own work and also that Oscar has posted a collection of angry monkeys recently.
The image below has nothing to do with monkeys but I included it anyway.

This drawing below has nothing to do with monkeys or Brett Whiteley but it was really fucking great to draw.


Oscar Grillo said...

All good stuff, Elliot...Who doesn't love an angry baboon?

Elliot said...

Who doesn't indeed!
Brett Whiteley is the name of the man.
Look him up - there's plenty of his work online and it's terrific.

Vernetta said...

Angry monkeys scare me, I hear they throw 'stuff'

But I love a good tickle party.

Salvor said...

The bottom drawing is really fucking great to look at! Just found out about your blog - and added to my favorites ;)

jojo said...

love the movement I wanna dance drunk and naked

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