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Saturday, July 15, 2006


This is the first summer I've spent in the UK.
As yet, the picture above represents pretty much my entire thoughts on the subject.

This is the silly cow who was voted off Big Brother last night.


Oscar Grillo said...


mr-dunn* said...

london in the summertime creates a great deal of deep under boob shadowing...which only serves to draw the aforementioned lady bumps to the very front of ones notice..even when cycling...long live the overhead light source..huzzah
boris WOULD touch your pink bits if you left them unattended..see you thursday-!

mr-dunn* said...

..or he would say..hey what's that over there??-etc know the type..

Elliot said...

Boris has invited me to two different pissups - he is welcome to touch whatever he pleases.

Boris Hiestand said...

I'm going to top myself because Nikki is no longer in the house... a good thing we still have all the other stupid cows who prance around with no clothes in the summer. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Elliot said...

Nikki is built like a 6 year old boy... I was quite happy to see her go.

Jonathan said...

Nice work! great blog you've got.

Long live the summer..

Matt J said...

Hah! It's great to see you soaking up British culture - keeping me informed of everything I miss. The greazt British summertime is signalled not by any calendar or seasonal change but by the very morning that you notice the nipples come out. I believe it was May 15th this year -
As for the crazy old bums wait till you meet the ones in Camden , & I'm not talking about Uli's!

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