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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Frank Blogs!

Here are some more pencil sketches to distract you from the more important things in life.

I noted today that surrealist Jim Woodring has started blogging.
Jim Woodring has done all kinds of crazy wonderful things - you may know of his comic "Frank". If not - go look for it.


donnachada said...

Love these. You look so happy with the beer. What shapes. Cool man.

Smook said...

The bunny and croc is quite nice. The ones of your dog (I assume it is your dog) are endearing. Good to see the pencil mileage continue, my friend.

Last week on the job isn't it?

Elliot said...

Don - I'm always happy with a beer!

Smooker - That's my puppy dog alright.
And yes!
It's my last day here at Win Telvision, Australias most watch regional television network.

Oscar Grillo said...

#Neighbooooours!!...Everybody neeeds
goooood neighboooooours!!!#

Congratulations, Elliot, Welcome back into the world of the undead (Or untelevised!!)

Elliot said...

Well I'm not back quite yet.
I still don't have my computer back and am forced to use Photoshop to make my pictures, which I'm not keen on.
But it's nice to post something handmade.

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