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Sunday, April 23, 2006

North Coast

Yesterday Robyn, Gracie and I headed up the river to the coast - a place called Greens Beach.
This is at the top of the state, facing Victoria, my home state.


the doodlers said...

These rocks have a great variety of colour! Lovely photos. Sounds like life will change for you and we wish you good fortune with the move.

Elliot said...

Thank you doodlers - that is a lovely thing to say.

J.a.G. said...

Those are some great shots.

Oscar Grillo said...

Isn't the mountain in the back in the first picture Mount Terror?

Elliot said...

What is your obsession with that bloody mountain?
I've asked a hundred people and you're the only one who's ever heard of it!
The only Mount Terror I can find is in Antarctica, which is somewhat further south.

Oscar Grillo said...

Love the Transylvanian name. is in Google Earth.

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