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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Eurovision Art Contest - Lighter Than Air

Once again Michael Schlingman won the months Eurovision.
I think we need to change our method of voting, whereby the most talented individuals with the best work give the rest of us foot massages or something.


donnachada said...

That is one brillant illustration, Elliot.

Elliot said...

Don - that is a really, really nice thing to say.
I thank you very much indeed.

limbolo said...

He's a winner that Schingmann. But even he can't reach his busy paws all the way to Tasmania.
Come to think of it...If you set him on, he'll probably run you up a gadget that'll achieve your desired effect.
When we first met we discussed the possibilities of steam-driven robots. Nothing on wheels...Had to be 2 legs, 2 arms - like a man...OK, OK, like a woman too.
Being a pessimist I reckoned that the thing would just collapse in a heap and we'd all end up in court.
But Schling hurried away to his drawing board and was back in half an hour with a plausible design, mechanics and everything....Well not quite everything, but he can explain to you why a pigeon doesn't fall over forwards when it lands on the roof.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Amazing illustration!I like the idea with foot massage.:O)

Elliot said...

Oh cheers - thanks Andrei!

Boris Hiestand said...

It has to be said- Schling is a feckin hero. This is a great drawing though- it was definately between these two for me

Matthew Cruickshank said...

That Schlings a Flaming Galaa.

Didn't even get close to spelling that correctly.

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