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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All About Eve

Does anyone know anything about this?
Eve was apparently printed in the Tatler during wartime - I assume it was enjoyed by soldiers out in the field.
I don't actually like the drawings that much, but it's a record of a particular time and place and that is interesting in itself.
There's a Queen Victoria 2 pence stamp tucked into the pages too which is pleasing also.
There is no indication of when it was printed, and the it credits Fish and Fowl as the writers, illustrators, which is clearly silliness.
I picked it up from a jumble stall at a fete sometime when I first moved here.


Oscar Grillo said...

The artist is a lady that used to sign "Fish" she was very good and used to do lots of magazine covers in the twenties. I have few samples of her work. I'll tell you more tomorrow. I like her work very much.

Elliot said...

Jolly good.

Oscar Grillo said...

Fish's real name was Anne H. Sefton.
Anne Harriet Fish (Sefton) was born in Bristol, England. She worked in oil, watercolor and was an illustrator who was active in London, Sussex and St. Ives, Cornwall. She married Walter Sefton in 1918. In New York City, she did illustrations for "Vanity Fair" and "Vogue" including the cover for "Vanity Fair" in April, 1917.

Elliot said...

Well this is interesting.
The book it is from is entirely intact, although a little shabby.
I had looked high and low for some info.
I should have just asked you in the first place.

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